01. I read an interesting [article] in the newspaper about censorship on the Internet.
02. He has written a number of [articles] about the local music scene for Monday Magazine.
03. Don't throw the newspaper away; there's an [article] in it about a friend of mine.
04. The Salvation Army is looking for donations of [articles] of clothing for the victims of the fire which destroyed a small apartment complex last weekend.
05. China is accused of violating a number of [articles] of the U.N. Charter of Rights.
06. He says that he only buys Playboy magazine for the interesting [articles] he reads in it.
07. The [articles] in that magazine are totally ridiculous. I don't know how anybody can believe that crap.
08. Mahatma Gandhi once stated, "Non-violence is the first [article] of my faith."
09. He has finished his degree, and is currently [articling] with a law firm downtown.
10. An [article] in an October 1905 magazine quoted the American President as saying, "Sensible and responsible women do not want to vote."
11. Craig has an album filled with photos and [articles] about his favorite football team.
12. Sharon is crazy about basketball, and is always cutting [articles] about her favorite players out of the newspaper.
13. My brother has written a number of [articles] on cycling for our local newspapers.
14. She has an English degree, and now works editing [articles] for fashion magazines.
15. This magazine [article] gives some useful advice on what to look for when shopping for a used car.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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